Organize a Divestment Resolution in Your Community

Too many cities and other institutions like churches and universities do business with the giant Wall Street banks. They can and should be banking with local banks, community banks, or credit unions that benefit our communities instead of just the top 1%.

With outrage at Wall Street spreading, now is the time to organize and get cities and other institutions nationwide to move their money.

Why start or join a local “Move Our Money” divestment campaign?  

Divestment campaigns are powerful because they give us a chance to have a much bigger financial impact than any of us could acting alone. Our cities, counties, churches, and schools have much bigger bank accounts than we do--and we can influence where they put it.   

Right now divestment campaigns have the potential to spread like wildfire. If we can get enough cities and big institutions across the country to adopt divestment resolutions, it will put the big Wall Street banks on the defensive and push them towards real solutions, help hold them accountable for the damage they’ve done to our economy, and simultaneously allow us to support local banking and to begin taking back control of the resources our communities need to grow and thrive. 

Step-by-step campaign planning:  

Step 1: Identify your target and start building the case for moving your institution’s money.

Step 2. Write your local resolution or proposal.  

Step 3. Meet with the local leaders you want to back your campaign.

Step 4. Start campaigning to get your proposal introduced, by passage.

Please note that we’re offering this guide to help you move your own local resolution for  municipal divestment, but we understand that each city or institution will have a variety  of unique factors that means you will have to decide what works best for you.  We  expect that you will change things as needed, and will bring your own creativity, spirit  and culture to the project. We want to do everything we can to provide the resources to  help you think through what works best for your local campaign.  

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