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We all have our reasons for moving our money. Some of us have faced illegal foreclosures or have seen our friends and family lose their homes. Some of us are angry about big banks' massive influence in our democracy, except when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes. Some of us are angry about big bank investments in private prisons, predatory payday lenders, and mountain-top removal of coal. 

Regardless of which issue riles us the most, ALL of the issues come back to one problem: Wall Street banks are hurting our communities and ruining our country. 

Watch this short film from The New Bottom Line and help spread the word about the big banks' big secret: Government isn't the problem. Government is the prize: 

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Video Credits:  Created by  Ryan Senser;  Design & Animation : Daniel Perez ( );  Voice : Chanelle Benz Sound;  Recording : Ethan Hein

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