Why JP Morgan Chase?

We’re Moving Our Money because JP Morgan Chase is...

1. Not Paying Its Fair Share

Chase has the worst record of sucking money from state and local government budgets. Chase has over 50 tax sheltered overseas subsidiaries to get out of paying federal taxes.

2 . Putting a Chokehold on Lending to Keep Americans Out of Work

Rather than investing in our communities to help restart the economy, Chase hoards its money . Chase’s Small Business Administration lending dropped 75% in the 2 years immediately after the economy crashed.   

3. Foreclosing on American families

As of June 2010, Chase had $19.5 billion worth of foreclosed homes on its books—more than any other bank in the country. The big bank rejected over 354,000 families for a loan modification from the government’s HAMP program alone.  Chase overcharged 4,500 military members on their mortgages.

4. Stealing our Democracy

Chase’s big dollars are getting our elected officials to rig the system in favor of the banks. Since 2003 JP Morgan Chase has spent $50 million to influence federal policy to fight common sense financial reforms.


$100.7 Billion: Bailout money from US taxpayers

$29.1 Billion:   Profits since bailout (2009-2010)

$20.8 Million:   2010 CEO Jamie Dimon total pay

$26.9 Billion: Total 2009 bonus and compensation

$22,006/yr:  Median Chase bank teller pay

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